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Vectorworks and Atl
Sent : 04/14/2010 04:27:26

Hello all, I have a file modeled in VW and when I open it in Atl, it's just dark; the heliodon does not work, and when I apply a light, I have to put a 3000+ power value so I can lightly see it. Also, it seems like Atl is not recognizing the textures, for it only opens up with two layers. I'd appreciate any help/link I can get to fi this problem. Thank you.

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Re: Vectorworks and Atl
Sent : 04/14/2010 14:01:40

To export VW files, please read the appropriate tutorial here: If you don't have any Heliodon active in the scene, you have to assign one, of course. Otherwise you can't stop increasing the power of lights, which is not the best solution. PS. I've deleted your entry about this issue from the General Forum because this is the right place for this post.

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