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Vectorworks 2008 - Artlantis Render 3.0
Sent : 04/26/2010 12:10:19

Hi We have recently upgraded our CAD machine to a Windows 7 Quad Core based system. We have re-installed our Vectorworks 2008 and upgraded to Artlantis Render 3.0 from version 2. Both programs work fine independently, but after downloading the latest Artlantis Export plugin for Vectorworks - when I try to export my vectorworks file to Artlantis Render 3.0 the export crashes at the 'Save' point and Vectorworks closes down. Any suggestions? Peter

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Re: Vectorworks 2008 - Artlantis Render 3.0
Sent : 04/26/2010 12:25:20

Hi Peter, The latest Vectorworks plugin for VW2008 exports to Artlantis 2. There is no plugin to export from VW2008 to ATL3. Did you install the wrong plugin perhaps? My guess would be to use the one you can find here: It exports to ATL2 but you can easily use it in ATL3. I hope this helps you Sjaak

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