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Vectorworks 12.5 export to Artlantis studio
Sent : 07/02/2012 17:42:34

Hi, I'm using my old version of vectorworks and have exported to studio. This works fine until I try to amend the VW file and update existing file, at this point I get an error message - "The ATL file that you are trying to update does not match the file format that you have chosen. Please check file format" Any ideas? thanks Adey

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Re: Vectorworks 12.5 export to Artlantis studio
Sent : 07/04/2012 17:28:35

Maybe your exporter saves an older Artlantis file format compared to the version of your Artlantis. In this case don't use the reference file from inside the exporter. Export a brand new Artlantis file each time and use the reference file feature from inside of Artlantis.

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