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Random changing texture names
Sent : 08/28/2012 01:46:12

Hey all, I've found a few topics that cover this issue, but none that resolve it, and they are pretty old (see bottom of post). When opening a sketchup file in artlantis 4, artlantis adds a "_#" to the end of texture names in the shader tab. For example, "lobby rug" gets named "lobby rug_175" This wouldn't be a problem, except if you change the sketchup file and import again, the number is different (ex. "lobby rug_22"). This means referencing the shader settings from an older artlantis file will not carry over, since it's a different name. It only does this with some textures and not others, but I can't find the pattern yet. I've tried copying the skup file to other folders to open, and not copying it over to open. Sometimes the names change, sometimes they don't. It does this on multiple files/projects, and i'm currently experimenting with small test files to figure this out. If I could keep artlantis from adding the _# to the end that would fix my problem. Maybe use the sketchup exporter instead of artlantis to open? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ref. Topic:

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