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Problems with PNG when importing
Sent : 12/02/2012 14:09:46

Hi! I have very annoing problem. I use sketchup 7 and Artlantis 4. When I use any PNG texture in sketchup and later import this file to Artlantis I have to ALL THE TIME: 1. change in this texture "Use alpha chanel", 2. change transparency to 1, 3. and choose white diffuse shader color When I have about 100 png textures in sketchup it is a lot of work in Artlantis later. It is possible to have transparent texture after importing from sketchup without all this changing that I mentioned (1-3)? PS. Please don't say that I should put on texture in Artlantis instead of Sketchup. I have to do it in sketchup because it is very quick way to do billboards. (face me png objects in Sketchup)

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