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problems with artlantis (texture)
Sent : 04/30/2010 11:40:14

Hi everyone! will exceed the right thing .. I have a big problem which relates to Sketchup and Artlantis, for example, when I finished the model in SketchUp I put paint on walls, windows and so on. then transferred to Artlantis and there on my model there is no color .. Does anyone know why? forgive the poor English:) (google translator) hehe .. please help!

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Re: problems with artlantis (texture)
Sent : 05/05/2010 14:39:24

No problem because your English, I hope the Google translator did a great job. Please check the faces in SKU: are they reversed maybe? Because all reversed faces will get the same material in Artlantis, regardless the color you gave them in SKU. Change these faces with their normal to the exterior and redo the coloring. After that they should appear correctly in Artlantis.

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