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Problem exporting/archicad to artlantis
Sent : 12/06/2012 05:21:04

Hi I'm using archicad 16, and artlantis 4, both 64 bits version, and both students version. When saving the file as artlantis file, I get the dialog box, and then, I can't check the light option box, it's always grey. I've tried various combinations of lamps and lights, and also tried internal and lightworks engine but the light option box is always grey. Can somebody help me, please.

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Re: Problem exporting/archicad to artlantis
Sent : 12/06/2012 15:36:09

The light can be exported only if you use the Internal rendering engine of ArchiCAD. So, before starting the export, open the photorendering settings and change to this engine. AT THE SAME TIME: you need to check the light checkbox below the Sun at the upper-right side of the dialog of the internal engine.

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