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Help! Downsaving from Artlantis 4 to Artlantis 2
Sent : 12/21/2012 17:53:15

Hello all - Our firm uses Archicad 16. We only operate Artlantis Studio 2. Finding out that we cannot export fro Acad 16 to Artlantis 2 we are going to have to purchase Artantis 4. The economy is not good here and we are trying to save cost wherever we can so my question is could I buy Artlantis RENDER 4 for the cheap price and then save my file down to an Artlantis 2 file to use the animation features? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The extra money to purchase Studio is a lot for us right now so I would appreciate not hearing any snarky comments about just biting the bullet and buying studio 4. We are trying to save money. Much Appreciated.

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Re: Help! Downsaving from Artlantis 4 to Artlantis 2
Sent : 12/24/2012 11:24:29

First of all, you cannot save Artlantis files in earlier formats. They will be always saved in the format of your actual version. At the other hand, earlier Artlantis versions can open all files coming from older versions without problem. As a result, your Artlantis 4 will open all Artlantis 2 files, but it will save Artlantis 4 file format only. Regarding the compatibility between version R and Studio, they are completely interactive. Artlantis Studio files can be opened in Artlantis R, and vice versa. In ATL R, the Studio settings will stay hidden and not deleted. They will reaper after the file is opened in Artlantis Studio. I hope this helps.

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