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File crashed in Artlantis
Sent : 05/21/2010 09:06:38

Hi all, i´v read her in this forum, that some of you have the same problems like me with the export/ import from archicad to artlantis. When I open my art.file in artlantis it looks like the attached file - simply crashed!!! I´m working on Mac OS 10.6.3 with Archicad Star(t)Editon and Artlantis 3.0.3 fc2 - all add ons are loaded. What´s the problem? Thanks!

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Re: File crashed in Artlantis
Sent : 05/28/2010 13:27:50

These problems occurs generally when the model is very far from the origin in the modeler. Please, check the position of your model in ArchiCAD and bring it closer to the origin.

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