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Fichiers Meteo / Weather Files
Sent : 02/08/2013 14:02:34

Hi, I'm architect working in Norway. I tried Archiwizard and found very usefull for designing. But there is no weather file to dowload for any towns in Norway. I just called the technical support in France, who told me to publish in this Forum my inquiries; Here we go :) -I wish I could run simulation with right data for different town in Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim would be a minimum ("Byggforsk" is our version of the french "DTU" which is basing calculation on "EnergyPlus / Energy Simulation Software"... check: -I wish Archiwizard could integrate eco design standard as "Passiv Hus", "Bream-NO", "TEK 10" The tecnical support told me it shouldn't be difficult.... Please make it possible! :)

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Re: Fichiers Meteo / Weather Files
Sent : 10/18/2013 11:17:47

Hello, I'm responding to your request quite long time after you've posted it, so please apologize this delay. Concerning Meteo files : AW is configurated with a set of meteo files of 10 french cities representative of the 8 climate zones of our country. You can easily add to your configuration as much meteo libraries as you wish by using the "+" button either on the first window of the interface or on the Heliodon menu (see image below). If you wish to add your application some specific cities meteo files, you can buy them one by one on the Meteonorm website : and easily import them with the procedure i explained before. You may also buy the software Meteotest itself. The next version of ArchiWIZARD (V3) will include Energy Plus engine and enable STD (Thermal Dynamic Simulation) Sincerly Yours, Pascal Faucher Product Manager Abvent France

Pascal Faucher
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Re: Fichiers Meteo / Weather Files
Sent : 10/22/2013 13:16:44
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