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Export ADT to Artlantis
Sent : 01/12/2010 17:00:51

Can someone help me pls? I´ve problem with disapearing sections of blocks in big models (parts of chairs, etc.). I have read, that I need to explode blocks, but it is not working. Still missing parts. I maade these blocks, so I want ask on which level it must be exploded, or what to do (if I´m doing something wrong). Sorry for my bad english.

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Re: Export ADT to Artlantis
Sent : 01/13/2010 10:45:06

I have forgotten to write what soft made this. I´m using AutoCAD Architecture 2010 and exprot to Artlantis studio 2. I´m out of ideas what to do, please help :)

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Re: Export ADT to Artlantis
Sent : 01/15/2010 14:41:54

I'm not very familiar with AutoCAD Architecture, sorry.... The blocks should be exploded, that's right. Linked files should be also imported I think, at least this is the instruction for those working in Revit. Is there anybody else exporting from AutoCAD? With some good advices? Ildiko

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Re: Export ADT to Artlantis
Sent : 01/18/2010 15:27:07

Make sure the block you made in CADD is all (all parts of it) on the same layer. You may accidentially have different parts on different layers in CADD.

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Re: Export ADT to Artlantis
Sent : 02/19/2010 20:19:52

Here's what I do from ADT 2010 Create a view component with all the Xrefs. Bind the xrefs using insert as the method. Explode the xrefs after being bound. Export the file as a ADT 2007 format. Open in Artlantis using blocks and layers. This has worked for me for a very long time with both Artlantis 2 and 3

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