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Clone in archicad 16
Sent : 10/17/2014 22:18:12

Hi ! I like to create a clone or an instance of a group of polyligne. For example I draw a chair, I copy it for 10 example and if I like to change it, do I have to change all oh them ? I know that I can create an object in the library but the question is, may I do it directly in my drawing area ? Thanks. François

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Re: Clone in archicad 16
Sent : 10/27/2014 15:37:37
Attachment : Module.pdf

You need to draw your polyline object as usual, then select it ant go to file, external content, save selection as a module (1+2). Now you have a block of polyline which, when you select it, you can do a right-click on it and choose edit the module in another archicad (3). Then you can edit it, save it (4), return in your archicad base and update your module by going to file, external content, links manager (5), select your module and update it (6). Place this module as often as you want by going to file, external content, place linked module (7), choose link, select the right module and place it (8). All modules will change when you will update one of them.
I attach a explicative picture with steps to help you.
I hope you understand what I mean.
Best regards.

Pierre Judde (Admin)
Re: Clone in archicad 16
Sent : 10/27/2014 16:14:51

La langue des forums ArchiCAD est le français.
Je vous demande donc d'écrire dans cette langue.


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