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Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 09/28/2010 12:54:49

Hi everyone, I have a quick question: why mesh from autocad is not visible in artlantis 2.0. I'm saving the file as autocad 2007 dwg and importing it to archicad, solids are visible and working perfectly, meshes not. Hope you can help me, thanks.

Picard (Admin)
Re: Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 09/28/2010 14:42:36

The geometry appears correctly isn't it? No missing parts? In Artlantis no need to see meshes as it is dedicated to make images. Alain Picard Abvent

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Re: Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 01/14/2012 13:23:30

I have the same problem. Artlantis ( can recognize a donut I created in Autocad but if I slice the donut in two it doesn't. If I try to create the same effect with the revolve, sweep or revsurf command it's the same thing, it just doesn't recognize a bent tube mesh, be it a surface or a solid, and regardless of the number of nodes. I have also tried several ways of opening the Autocad file (from the initial menu options) but it makes no difference.

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Re: Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 01/17/2012 11:17:41

Could you send some screen shots please?

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Re: Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 08/13/2014 02:45:38

Hello I'm having the same problem, when I open the autocad files in artlantis the meshes don't appear, have you solved the problem yet?? Thank you

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Re: Autocad 2011 mesh
Sent : 01/31/2015 23:38:03

I found the solution.
Having the AutoCAD file opened, go to File > Export and choose to export the file as 3D DWF (*.dwf).
Then use Artlantis to open this dwf file.
That is all.

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